Friday, July 31, 2009

Harry Love - Fun House

I used to bump into Harry Love all over the place, but as I don't get out that much these days, I think the last time I saw him, he was DJing at the Primo show at Matter in the O2. Got into a conversation about day jobs and cutting hair, but got interrupted by Biggest Gord.

I dont know exactly how I came across it, but if your craving good, honest hip-hop like mom used to make, you can catch him and MK spinning at the Fun House Monday through Thursday nights 10-1.

Can't say I catch it every night, but its always worth checking what been going on. Some recent visitors to the kitchen include Klashnekoff, who no-one's seen in ages, and Raekwon the Mother fuckin Chef.

Here's to everyone holding out hope that Cuban Linx II is the shit.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I've been motivated by hearing how shit the hip hop at the wireless festival was, and thought I would regale you with a recent tale of Hip Hop done right. To cheer you up.

The Jazz Cafe has really delivered some good hip hop this year. A couple of months back Pharoahe Monch smashed it (again), and then this time last week Little Brother passed though and tore the roof off it. This was the follow up show to the one that got cancelled (just like KRS and Kane etc.) last year, for whatever reason, but LB being the consummate performers they are, more than made up for it.

Little Brother are, basically, the shit. If I had one tiny issue with any of it, apart from the ongoing absence of 9th Wonder, its that Phonte might actually be too good.

I don't have to justify that. Its my Blog. Fuck you.

Got there pretty early, which is always a mistake in the Jazz Cafe, unless you have silly money to spend, and I don't. You also never know when shits going to kick off there - will there be a warm up? Is it going to be an early finish? Usually nobody knows, and if someone does, they're not telling.

In this case the opening act was veteran hip hop producer Richy Pitch and Ghanaian emcees Wanlov the Kubolor and Mensa. Richy's got a new LP out on BBE in October called 'Ye Fre Mi Richy Pitch'. I kind of lost track of Richy Pitch for a while, but it turns out that's cause he's been hiding in Ghana, where he's been putting together this album. If you want to find out more about him/it, the best place is probably his blog, which you can find here.

Found this clip on Youtube which is Wanlov and Mensa earlier in the day, on their way to see Richy for their last rehearsal before heading down to Camden.

Both emcees have skills, though it was tough to get all of what they were saying, partly due to the accents, and partly because they speak fast. The bits that did come across worked well, they can rhyme, they're saying something and they're pretty funny. The beats were heavily infused with that Ghanaian sound and tight as ever. It was pretty refreshing to hear hip-hop that's not recycled from the same old tired samples. Props to Richy, I don't think there's enough sampling outside-the-box done well, and he's representing right now. Here's an interview with him about it.

By the time the opening act was done the Jazz Cafe was rammed. There was no upstairs dining, but the mezzanine was open to all, and was, by this time, as packed as the ground floor.

I'm well used to feeling old, whenever I leave the house this days, but the heads that were there were pretty mixed age-wise, which i guess isn't that surprising, seeing as only old people like good hip-hop. Having said that, it wasn't devoid of anyone under 25, and everyone, and i mean everyone knew all the words to everything.

Very few times have i been to a hip hop show in the UK, where the crowd goes crazy for any other reason than the act their watching is the next big thing, and Little Brother, who are far from brand new, dont really fall into that category. Though thats what it felt like. It was that kind of energy that the audience was putting out in abundance.

Like all the best performers LB take all that ambient energy, and throw it right back into the crowd. Not bad for two fat dudes.

I dont think an after the fact, retelling of the set is going to do the live show justice, so here are all the watchable videos people have put up so far...

Some of these are out of sequence, but in think this one needs to come first. It starts right at the end of Big Poohs single of his solo joint - North American Pie, and then goes into Phonte doing his Preacher/Comdedian shtick, spawning the phrase "Ass On The Cover"(see pic), which kept re-appearing throughout the night.

The vid ends as they go into "Step My Game Up", which all the ladies were feeling. Fellas were loving it too, but you know the rules - keep ladies happy and the guys dont give a fuck.

I dont think the crowd would have shut up if they were facing fire-arms.

Seriously, LB hardly even need to rhyme here, the crowd are so in it (also watch for the Oddisee cameo at the end) .

And I'll leave you with "Say It Again"



Thursday, July 2, 2009

Heads High 03/07/09

Nuff Said, but if you want more - go here.

Tropical Funk Experience

More for from my boy Hugo Mendez.

Not heard it yet, but I don't need to. Know its the shit anyway.

If you're in Stuttgart, lucky you, you get to see Sofrito face off against Cubanisimo at Bix on the 18th of July.

For those stuck in (the rapidly melting) London your gonna have to wait until the 27th for Sofrito Con Salsa @ Caminos in Kings Cross.