Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mophono (DJ Centipede)

Apart from being one of the top5 nicest people ever, Mophono aka DJ Centipede aka Benji is they guy you need to look up if your in the Bay Area and you need music.

Seriously, the man knows everybody in that part of the world and has a deep, deep well of musical knowledge at his disposal.

He's also got talent and good taste, but you know, "whatever".

I lived in SF for a while a couple of years back, and met him through a friend of a friend. Since then I've made it a point to harass the guy whenever I'm the city.

In fact, I was just out there a couple weeks ago, and though we didn't really have time to kick it, when I did track him down, he introduced me to Mr Scruff (who he was doing a show with that Friday), and sent me to the Mission, where some friends of his were DJing.

The place he sent us to was called Skylark, I think.

I got kinda wasted that night. Corona with Jameson chasers and hitting that good Cali green will do that to you. Or me.

But, despite this (or maybe because of this), me and the friend I was with had a good time talking to the DJs: Makossa, Turu and E da Boss (Slepton records/Om), who it turns out has just finished a project with another friend of mine, Natural Self, who I'll be blogging about shortly. It's a small world, but I really shouldn't be surprised by that any more, especially since the first time me and Benji hung out we bumped into Will Quantic.

Anyway, Benji is a busy guy. Apart from doing however-many shows a week, he runs CB Records which plays host to the likes of The Gaslamp Killer and Citizen Ten as well as himself, and has been putting out releases, the most recent of which is The Edge.

He's really on some new shit with this one, you should recognise the samples, but the concept behind the vinyl releases is something no-one else has done yet. I almost don't want to spoil this for you, but its basically an unskippable record, or, more accurately a record that skips on beat.


Sick, No?

Well here's some more live shit offa youtube, this time featuring Aspect McCarthy on the cuts...

So, if you're in or around San Francisco at any point (don't worry he never leaves - I think he thinks SF is the holodeck from Star Trek, like if he leaves, he'll just cease to exist or something) you can catch him at Change the Beat every Tuesday at the Madrone.

Alternatively if you stand outside of Ameoba Records for long enough you'll see him.

Later People.