Friday, February 26, 2010

Invasive Procedures

So, yes, I have been neglecting my blog, but fuck it, its my blog and I've been busy.  Granted I've been busy doing things that i should be blogging about, but I choose to ignore that as unrelated data.

One of the things that have been keeping me away from updating this bad boy, is a radio show that I've been doing with a friend of mine and long time collaborator Lil' Gav, originally from the Fidget nights and then later from Tuff Love fame with the illustrious and much maligned (mostly by me and Gav) DJ Hoop.

The show goes out every 2 weeks on Wednesday evening between 8 and 10pm.  Its mostly hip hop, but we lace it with other stuff. Actually, the show before last was a Valentines ting, and so was mostly old soul and other shit you cant fuck with if you wanna get laid.

The one that went out on the 24th of Feb was more or less back to the blueprint we've been going with: New Hip-Hop, Rarities You Might Have Missed, Samplebusting, Funk/Soul Classics and Obligatory Old School.

Here are the last three, newest to oldest. Each Saturated Phat goes out live on Space Invader Radio, and then about a day later, when we get round to it, someone will put it up on Mixcloud for you to enjoy in your own sweet time.

Gav hates it when I talk about where all the music comes from, but he's not here, so if your wondering where I keep pulling all the dope new shit from, its called The Internet.

More specifically, I've got to give credit to 2Dopeboyz, Nah right, Spine, HHC, Hip Hop is Read and Cocaine Blunts. Thanks to these cats I have more new, good hip hop than I've had in years. It takes a lots of sifting through really really shit tracks, but there's a fair amount of the goodness waiting to be found, if you're up for the work.

As for the classics and the oldies, well that's mostly a mix of Gav's vinyl and non vinyl, which he's amassed over the past 15 years.

Putting in work DITC FTW.