Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Joint Venture

Two of my boys, who I've been trying to get to link up forever, have finally got it together.  Though I'm assured its purely platonic, Natural Self and DJ Centipede will be DJing at the Make out Room in SF (honestly, they're just gonna be spinning wax) for the Loose Joints night on the 6th of November.  I would be going down myself, but I'm 3000 miles away.

If however, you are in the Bay a week on Friday, you should seriously go check it.  It's right on 22nd in between Mission and Valencia.

If you're hungry I remember a place a bit further up on 24th that has crazy tasty Burritos (go for the black beans rather than the refried).  Its called Papalote, though I guess if you're in that area you'll be kinda spoiled for Mexican food.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Broken Bread?

Potentially disastrous news for the BBoys....

There are to be no more Breakin Bread nights for the rest of this year, and maybe even ever again at the Jazz Cafe, thanks to a new, wack, policy instituted by the venues higher ups.

Despite being one of the more popular and well respected nights, the Jazz Cafe has decided that, the'yve had enough of being a real music venue and that the future lies in cheezy shit.

No lie. The management have started booking slots to cater for the musically retarded.

Check it.

Are you a talent vacuum?
Do you wish to inflict your horrible taste on the unsuspecting?

Well then, try the brand new monthly night Hairbrush Heroes.  You douche.

I would like to say I have nothing against Karaoke, but that would be a lie.  I can just about tolerate it when it happens to other people, in private, or possibly if it involves Big L, but otherwise, I wish death upon them.  Painful humiliating death. A death that might involved forced exposure to red hot metal and, if I feel really sadistic, over 30 continuous seconds of Hollyoaks. Including the theme.

Alternately, for the shame impaired, there's the new weekly I Love the 80s.

To be fair, I  do like a lot of terrible shit from that particular decade, but I wouldnt openly admit it, and I feel that actively encouraging people to go out and appreciate the music that made people think Stevie Wonder was "Not Good" or that Haircut 100 (see below) are any way acceptable, could contribute to the corruption of our youth and the downfall of mankind.

Seriously. Haircut 100. The motherfucking HORROR.

I guess this is just the way things go, but god dammit, I don't have to like it.

Now if only there was some way I could vent my anger through some kind of  free electronic medium....

Halloween in the Tropics

I am so going to this.

Its taking place at a new venue-  The NEW Empowering Church, Hackney E8


Halloween. Spooky.

The Next Round

Dom (from the Nextmen) Posted the video for the newest single off the Join The Dots album on his facebook a while ago, and it reminded me about a couple of other videos of theirs that have been kicking around.

The track Dom posted is called Round of Applause, and the vid is a slickly edited montage of clips from every-fucking-where.
Notable examples include:
The Blues Brothers, Mystical -Shake yo ass, Superbad, Ferris Beullers Day off, Airplane 2, Batman, Napoleon Dynamite, Some Elvis movie, Footloose, La Haine, Shaun of the Dead, Toy Story, Some Like it Hot, One of the Muppet movies, Zoolander, Spinal Tap, Britney's Toxic, Flight of the Concords, How High, The Bourne Supremacy, Boogie nights, Sin City, the Big Lebowski, Anchor Man, Pirates of the Carribean, Ali G, The Next Episode, Hot Fuzz, Superman, Lapdance, Dusk Till Dawn, The Chronic Tour, Fear and Loathing, George Bush flipping the bird, Bad Boys, Hurricane, Mulan Rouge, Classic England Footage, some other things I coundn't place (possibly Juice) and Bob Dylan.

Oh yeah, and the tracks not bad either and features every-bodies favorite Bristolian D&B/Hip Hop crossover emcee Dynamite.

See for yourself

Round of Applause

Feel free to let me know what I missed out.

The other video that's doing the rounds, also from the new album , is for Lions Den, featuring Ms Dynamite and Andy Cato.  Have to say - I wasn't feeling this track or the video, which was released a little after the album launch, but then, I heard it loud and it all kinda came together.  The vid is pretty well done, but there's that whole Uncanny Valley thing going on, which gets to me.

Anyway, here it is. Make up your own mind.

Lions Den

The next two videos are from This Was Supposed to be the Future (2007).  It's called Something Got You featuring Zarif, and I think its my favourite track on that album, but I'm torn between the official version, and the acoustic.  I think I'm going to side with the acoustic, but the official video is dopeness. I submit both for your perusal...

Something got you (official vid)

Something got you (Nextmen Unplugged)

C'est Dope, no?

The last vid, is for a track that never came out, which you should all feel gutted about.

Its another in the Nextmen unplugged series, this time featuring Bridgette Amofah, who I've only had the pleasure of meeting once, a couple of years ago, near the inception of Heads High, back when they were still doing the Soho sessions.  Girl has got some pipes.

Out of Your Hands (Nextmen Unplugged)

That's it for now.

I know I've been slacking, but my life's kinds clusterfucked at present, but I promise, I'll be back on it.